March 3, 2023

Updates added to My Health at Vanderbilt pediatric application

As of Feb. 22, My Health at Vanderbilt (MHAV) pediatric application forms will no longer distinguish between adoptive and biological parents. This change is necessary to recognize the equivalent rights of adoptive and biological parents.

MHAV applications for pediatric applications will now simply list “Parent” as an option (instead of “Biological parent”). Adoptive parents who mark this box are no longer required to present legal documentation (e.g., adoption decree, adoption orders). Adults choosing “Other Legal Representative” must provide legal documentation.

This change will impact all employees who process MHAV applications for patients under age of 13 or aged 13-17. They should destroy all existing paper copies of current MHAV application forms for pediatric patients and print new ones from MedEx. It is best practice to print applications directly from MedEx when the patient is present.