March 10, 2023

VUMC in the news, March 14, 2023

This is the week of the spring change to daylight saving time, and Beth Malow, MD, director of the Vanderbilt Sleep Division, has been in the news frequently. She wrote an editorial for The Conversation, and was also quoted in stories about the time change in The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Vox, WTVF News Channel 5, and Marketwatch.

William Schaffner, MD, professor of Preventive Medicine, continues to be one of the most in-demand sources about RSV, COVID-19, influenza and other subjects in the news. Among the news organizations he has spoken with recently: USA Today, Healthline, Everyday Health, The Keene Sentinel of New Hampshire,  Infectious Disease Special Edition, and Yahoo! Finance.

Stacey Dusetzina, PhD, professor of Health Policy,  was quoted by ABC News in a story about President Biden’s new Medicare plan.

Huff Post reporter Jillian Wilson interviewed Wes Ely, MD, co-director of the Center for Critical Illness, Brain Dysfunction, and Survivorship, for a story about the kinds of doctors a patient should see if they have long COVID.

Yahoo! News reporter Korin Miller interviewed Elizabeth Schultz, DO, assistant professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, for a story about what in-patient treatment is like for depression.

Anna Morad, MD, associate professor of Pediatrics, was quoted in a Healthline piece about bacteria in formula and breast pump components.