March 14, 2023

MyWorkday featured FAQs: Viewing everybody’s PTO; reduction in number of cost centers

Q: Can I use Workday to see the planned PTO for my entire department?

A: Workday offers a calendar view for managers to see the planned PTO for their employees. That calendar view is limited to the manager only, so employees cannot see the planned PTO calendar for their entire department. Departments who wish to have PTO visibility across all employees should continue any current processes (e.g., using a department PTO calendar in Outlook) they have for tracking and displaying this information.

Q: Using the cost center translator, it looks like many of my current cost centers are being mapped to a single new one within Workday—is that correct? Do I need to know any other additional information to ensure my costs are being charged to the correct funding source?

A: Yes, it is true that we are moving toward fewer total cost center numbers. You may see that Workday, however, uses an additional field known as a “worktag” that will correspond to a fund or grant identification number. This information is also necessary to properly identify funding sources.