March 23, 2023

TennCare to redetermine eligibility status for all patients

For the first time since the pandemic began, adults and children who have health insurance through TennCare, Tennessee’s state-managed Medicaid program, will have their eligibility status redetermined by the state.

Continuous enrollment for TennCare members will end on April 1. During the coming months, the state will attempt to contact all TennCare enrollees so their insurance status can be verified. Patients must complete a coverage renewal packet to redetermine their eligibility and prevent a loss in coverage.

While the TennCare redetermination process is not Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s responsibility, it will impact a portion of our adult and pediatric patients.

You can help our patients maintain the continuity of their health coverage and increase awareness of the TennCare redetermination process by:

  • Reminding them that TennCare will be attempting to contact them soon by mail, email or text to deliver a redetermination packet.
  • Already, patients can proactively verify their contact information is up to date with TennCare to ensure they will receive a renewal packet.

Patients can contact TennCare Renewals and Appeals at 855-259-0701 if they have questions.