March 24, 2023

MyWorkday command center now open – what to expect during Go Live

The MyWorkday Command Center opened on March 13 in preparation for the April 1 Go Live of the two new systems, Workday and Tecsys. It will remain open through the Go Live period, expected to last until mid-April.

As with other Command Centers for large-scale technology implementations, the Command Center will be staffed by functional and technical experts. For the MyWorkday Go Live, there will be resources and leaders from each one of the project workstreams, including Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Supply Chain, Research & Grants, and IT available to help manage the process and address any issues. Also in the Command Center will be project management, change management, training, and communications experts.

The Command Center will oversee:

  • The final stages of the cutover process, as we disable existing systems and make Workday and Tecsys available for employee use
  • The “turning on” of these new systems
  • Monitoring, triage, resource allocation, tracking, and resolution of identified and reported issues through a structured Pegasus ticketing process

The transition that will take place later this week encompasses thousands of individual steps, all of which much be carefully orchestrated for a successful Go Live.

An announcement via email will be made when the systems are operational. Employees should not log into Workday until Monday, Apr. 3, to allow for system stabilization (exceptions for business-critical activities). Since it is used for patient care, Tecsys users may begin using the system as soon as the announcement is made.

During the Go Live period, there will be several resources available if employees need help during the transition to Workday and Tecsys.

For Workday, the first course of action is to use the numerous self-help resources available:

  • Training modules (Tecsys users should also review the training)
  • “Guide Me” prompts powered by WalkMe within Workday (requires VUMC network to appear)
  • Supplemental Quick Reference Guides​
  • FAQs​
  • Finance Translators​
  • Report Crosswalks​
  • Workday Help​ (for questions or issues that would have historically been sent to Employee Service Center)

After reviewing the self-help resources, employees should then ask their assigned Super User (or at-the-elbow support team member for Tecsys) for help. They can find their Workday Super User here (search by department name or number). A list of Tecsys at-the-elbow support team members can be found here.

If the Super User is unable to answer the question, employees can also submit a Pegasus ticket. The ticket will follow a prioritization process, based on the urgency of the issue. Guides to submitting a Pegasus ticket can be found under “Supplemental Quick Reference Guides” on the Training Hub of the MyWorkday website.

Some Pegasus tickets will require that the employee’s manager approves the ticket, including updates to employee security access within Workday.