March 28, 2023

Report on last meeting of MyWorkday Change Network before April 1 Go Live

On March 21, the MyWorkday Change Network gathered for the last time before the April 1 Go Live of the project. The meeting was full of useful information to help prepare the Change Network and the teams they support for the upcoming transition to Workday and Tecsys.

Senior Director of Learning and Development Claudia Fontaine welcomed attendees, reminding them of the ongoing cutover activities and limitations on current VUMC system as teams prepare for the implementation of the new tools. She also shared some critical information on payroll dates, noting that the first payroll to be processed within Workday will be the Apr. 14 payroll cycle for non-exempt (hourly) employees. For exempt (salaried) employees, the first payroll cycle to be processed in Workday will be on May 1, 2023. Historical payslip information will continue to be visible in C2HR.

Fontaine also previewed the Employee Go Live checklist that will be available in the early days of the Go Live period, which will prompt all employees to check some critical information in Workday. She also prompted the audience to keep a lookout for the daily Go Live at a Glance that will keep employees up-to-date with key information about Go Live. Finally, she counseled the audience to be sure that employees are on a VUMC network (either by being on-site or via VPN) to take advantage of the full functionality within Workday

Adrianne Hiltz, lead project manager, shared important information on how employees can get help during the Go Live period, including the wealth of self-help resources that are available. She explained the role of Workday Super Users and Tecsys at-the-elbow support team members. Hiltz also detailed the Pegasus ticketing process, which will be used to track issues during the Go Live period. Guides to submitting a Pegasus ticket can be found under “Supplemental Quick Reference Guides” on the Training Hub of the MyWorkday website. She also covered the role of Workday Help, the case management tracking tool within Workday, that will ultimately replace HR’s employee service center.

Diana Ormsby, director of business education, provided an overview of the capital planning process within Workday. She also offered an update on the MyWorkday training effort and resources, including some insight into the “Guide Me” self-guided prompts that will be available in Workday. She also emphasized resources such as reporting crosswalks, manager training dashboards, and account translators that are available on the training section of the MyWorkday website. Orsmy also performed a demo of the Manager Hub within Workday.

Those interested can view the meeting recording and meeting slides. They can also visit the MyWorkday Change Network webpage for access to resources from previous meetings.

The MyWorkday project at VUMC involves the implementation of two new cloud-based systems, Workday and Tecsys. MyWorkday will transform VUMC’s business systems, bringing several benefits:

  • Modernizing and simplifying VUMC’s technology architecture by moving us away from a patchwork of outdated systems to truly integrated cloud-based solution
  • Giving VUMC more visibility into business data and making it easier to gain insights from that data
  • Supporting VUMC’s continued growth with best-in-class technology
  • Providing a streamlined, consistent, and modern user experience for a wide variety of business needs, including human resources, supply chain, finance and accounting, and research and grants

To learn more, visit the MyWorkday website: