March 30, 2023

How do I get help with Workday and Tecsys?

There are several resources available to help you if you need help during the transition to Workday and Tecsys.

For Workday, the first course of action is to use the numerous self-help resources available:

After reviewing the self-help resources, employees should then ask their assigned Super User (or at-the-elbow support team member for Tecsys) for help. You can find your Workday Super User here (search by department name or number). A list of Tecsys at-the-elbow support team members can be found here.

If the Super User is unable to answer the question, employees can also submit a Pegasus ticket. The ticket will follow a prioritization process, based on the urgency of the issue. Guides to submitting a Pegasus ticket can be found under “Supplemental Quick Reference Guides” on the Training Hub of the MyWorkday website.

Some Pegasus tickets will require that the employee’s manager approves the ticket, including change requests for employee security access within Workday.