March 31, 2023

Workday Help provides self-service tools and case management for HR-related needs

Workday Help is a useful feature within Workday that will help VUMC employees quickly find answers to any of their HR-related questions. Workday Help provides self-help articles related to numerous HR topics, such as parental leave or FMLA. Employees are encouraged to explore these articles and get answers to many common HR questions.

For questions or issues that cannot be answered via the self-service tools, employees can also create a case in Workday Help. Opening a case in Workday replaces the current process of calling the Employee Service Center or emailing HR. It also gives the employee and the HR team one place to track, communicate about, and view more information about the case.

Workday Help is not intended to be used to address something that is not working as designed within the system—these issues will be managed through VUMC’s Pegasus ticketing process.