April 13, 2023

Oxford House to close

Out of an abundance of caution the Oxford House, an administrative office building on VUMC’s campus, will be permanently closed. The building’s closure is effective immediately.

On Tuesday morning, sensors placed throughout Oxford House to monitor the impact of nearby construction activity detected an increased level of vibration, resulting in the building’s precautionary evacuation. Even though no current issues threatening the building’s structural integrity have been found the building will remain closed.

The Oxford House currently sits within an active construction zone. Adjacent to the building, VUMC is constructing a 15-level expansion for Vanderbilt University Hospital that includes an addition to Central Garage, a connected parking structure.

The construction process for the new hospital tower already included plans to evacuate and then demolish the aging Oxford House midway through the project. However, through an abundance of caution VUMC officials have decided to move up the timeline associated with the building’s evacuation.

Employees who currently work in the building will be briefly allowed to reenter their workspace to collect limited personal items and immediate work product. Otherwise, the building will no longer be allowed to be entered and its contents will be professionally moved for employees to their new offices.

Workspace for employees affected by the Oxford House closure will be located in the on the main campus, 3401 West End, Crystal Terrace and 2525 West End.

In July 2022, VUMC announced major expansion plans for Vanderbilt University Hospital. The 15-level, 470,000 addition is the largest expansion to date for the hospital. Depending on the final floor configuration, the new VUH tower will add approximately 180 inpatient beds along with 10 operating rooms, radiology services, multiple specialty clinics, a spacious lobby and new administrative office space.

The two-phase project includes demolishing the Oxford House, an administrative office building originally constructed in 1961 that is located on the same garage deck where the new VUH tower will be constructed. Demolition of the Oxford House will occur during the project’s second phase, which includes construction of the new tower’s main entrance and lobby.

Also included in the overall project is a three-floor expansion (600 spaces) to the Central Garage, an adjacent parking facility.