April 21, 2023

“You’re Not Alone” video series aids in workplace violence prevention

Each day three members of the VUMC workforce are faced with some form of workplace violence. Disturbingly, these incidences are rising across the country and at VUMC.

Workplace violence occurs anytime an employee feels verbally, virtually, or physically threatened while performing their work duties. It can occur from patient-to-worker, visitor-to-worker, or worker-to-worker.

Gaining a greater awareness is crucial. That’s why starting today three consecutive issues of myvumc will showcase “You’re Not Alone” video messages. These 2-minute, user-friendly messages  focus on awareness, response and support from different leaders.

The first video in that series is here.

“Vanderbilt Health does not tolerate violent or aggressive behavior toward our employees in any form and accepting workplace violence is not part of your job requirements,” says Walter Clair, MD, MPH, professor of Medicine and vice chair for Diversity and Inclusion in the Department of Medicine.

All are encouraged to view the video whiich will be available beginning April 25, visit the Workplace Violence Prevention web site for more information and share these tools with colleagues.

As Clair says in the video: “In dealing with workplace violence, you are not in this alone.”