April 27, 2023

“You’re Not Alone” workplace violence prevention series: support resources available

Lori Rolando, MD, MPH, executive director, Vanderbilt Health and Wellness, shares a variety of ways to access support in the aftermath of workplace violence situations in the final installment of the ‘You’re Not Alone” video series. https://www.vumc.org/main/what-workplace-violence

“It’s natural to have a wide range of emotions that may change over time,” Rolando says.

People who hide their feelings associated with a workplace violence experience typically feel worse. Rolando encourages anyone dealing with this issue to “consider talking about your experience with someone you trust – a spiritual adviser, a family member, a peer, a co-worker, a friend, or the Employee Assistance Program.”

To learn more about prevention and for colleagues who have experienced workplace violence, please visit the Workplace Violence Prevention web site https://www.vumc.org/saysomething/

to see the wide variety of support resources available.

As Rolando says, “You are not alone.”