May 5, 2023

eStar update: Intake redesign to provide instructions

eStar update: Intake redesign to provide instructions beginning May 15. Details:


Why: The new intake redesign is to provide instructions regarding the minimum requirements for adult and pediatric patients. The purpose is to ensure a consistent experience across ambulatory practices while building the foundation for a positive patient/family experience, regulatory compliance, safety, and efficacy for patients and staff.
What: Intake Activity Redesign.
When: May 15, 2023


Who: This change will affect anyone that uses the Intake Activity in Adult Ambulatory Clinics, Pediatric Clinics, and Regional Clinics. Ambulatory nursing will be the most impacted role. Ambulatory providers need to be aware of the change.



Current In-scope components:

·      The layout of core Intake requirements on the left.

·      Addition of core Intake requirements checklist.

·      Lay out of specialty-specific requirements on the left.

·      Lay out of specialty-specific optional components on the right.

·      Addition of Best Practice Alert (BPA) for core requirements checklist.

·      The preferred pharmacy has been moved to be easily visible in the Intake Activity.

·      Updated vital sign section.

·      The following areas are out of scope for this change:  Kaleidoscope (ophthalmology), Therapy Areas (PT/OT/SLP/Audiology), Anticoagulation, Sleep/PFT technologist, and Research (CRC Nurses).

Required Action(s) Visit for tip sheets and a recorded demo of the change.



Call to Help Desk at 343-HELP (4357).  Clinical Support Team and VNIS will be rounding at go live.