May 5, 2023

eStar update: “Plan” and “Wrap Up” tabs to combine

eStar update on May 15 will combine the “Plan” and “Wrap Up” tabs into a new tab called “Current Visit.”


Why: To reduce the number of clicks and improve efficiency of an office visit, the Plan and Wrap Up tabs are combined into a single tab called Current Visit and Level of Service charges are moving to the Task Bar.
What: New Current Visit Tab and E&M/Level of Service Changes.
When: May 15, 2023

Who: Ambulatory clinicians.



·       Plan and Wrap up tab tasks are merged into one tab called Current Visit.

·       E&M is renamed Level of Service and moved to the bottom of the taskbar.

·       Current Visit is the default tab for providers.

·       The following areas are out of scope for this change: Wisdom (dentistry and oral surgery), Kaleidoscope (ophthalmology), social workers in clinic but logged in VIR department (VUH and VCH), and Therapy areas (PT/OT/SLP/Audiology – Cardiac pulmonary rehab is IN scope) or any other areas where the clinician doesn’t use the Plan and Wrap Up tab today.

Required Action(s) Visit for a tip sheet and recorded demo of the change.



Call to Help Desk at 343-HELP (4357).  Clinical Support Team and VNIs will be rounding at go live.