May 25, 2023

VUMC in the news, May 30, 2023

William Schaffner, MD, professor of Preventive Medicine, continues to be one of the most in-demand sources about infectious disease in the news – including a story in The Washington Post,  about stomach viruses on cruise ships. He was also quoted in stories by Lead Stories and AARP.

Bloomberg News senior reporter Roobert Langreth interviewed Matthew Schrag, MD, PhD, assistant professor of Neurology, for a story about the safety of new Alzheimer’s drugs. Schrag was also quoted in a Prevention story about the relationship of a family history of certain medical conditions and Alzheimer’s.

NBC News reporter Linda Carroll interviewed Gitanjali Srivastava, MD, associate professor of Medicine, Pediatrics & Surgery and medical director of the Obesity Medicine & Vanderbilt Medical Weight Loss Clinics, for a story about the WHO guidance not to use non-sugar sweeteners for weight control because they could lead to Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and mortality. Srivastava was also quoted in an AARP story about what your weight in your 50s means for your health.

Lealani Acosta, MD, MPH, associate professor of Neurology, was quoted in a Live Science story about a musician who suffered a head injury, and as a result experienced synesthesia, a rare condition allowing him to “see” music.

An NBC News story about how 20% of adults skipped or delayed medications last year because of cost quotes Stacey Dusetzina, PhD, professor of Health Policy. Dusetzina is also quoted in a Bloomberg Law story about pharmacy benefit managers disliking the agenda of a U.S. House of Represeentatives oversight hearing.

Brian Christman, MD, professor of Medicine, was quoted by Accuweather in a story about how thunderstorms can trigger asthma attacks.