June 9, 2023

Implementation of CancelRX

Why: When a clinician discontinues or changes a medication, the pharmacy needs to be notified so they don’t dispense the medication to the patient. Failure to communicate these changes to pharmacies is a significant contributing factor to medication errors and preventable adverse drug effects.

Who: All prescribers and pharmacists.

What: Use discontinuation reasons to electronically communicate medication discontinuations to pharmacies, allowing for accurate pharmacy medication lists.

When: June 7, 2023


  • Only discontinue reasons with “CancelRx” in the name will send cancel messages, such as:
    • “Stop (CancelRx, On AVS)” -> Sends CancelRx
    • “Cleanup (Not on AVS)” -> Does NOT send CancelRX
  • Only prescribers and pharmacists can send CancelRx messages (i.e., if an RN or MA discontinues a medication, then no cancel message is sent).
  • Only outpatient medications prescribed in eStar can be canceled.
  • Remember!: Sending a CancelRx message to the pharmacy cancels the prescription and any remaining refills.

·         (Screenshots show how to see the status of a cancellation).


Questions: Call to Help Desk at 343-HELP (4357).