June 15, 2023

Children ages 6 to 23 months needed for nasal flu vaccine study

Influenza (The Flu) remains a common infection in children. Current flu vaccines are effective, but we continue to develop vaccines that are even more effective and may be given in ways other than injections.

Pediatricians with the Vanderbilt Vaccine Research Program are looking for healthy infants and children (6 months –  23 months) to take part in a nasal influenza vaccine study. The vaccine is not yet FDA approved but has been evaluated in adults. We are now moving into evaluating the vaccine in teenagers, then younger children, and finally infants. The study involves either 1 or 2 doses of vaccine, along with 3 blood samples spread out over one year. Participants will be compensated up to $570 for their time and travel.

For more information about the study, or to see if you qualify, please email us at vaccineresearch@vumc.org. You can also reach us by phone at (615) 343-2877.