June 28, 2023

eStar update on case request operating room order

Why: Requested changes from scheduling groups.

Who: Any provider using a case request for operating room order.

What: Post-op Destination changes in eStar.

When: June 21, 2023.


  • Post-op Destination
    • Providers will notice Postop Destination is now a HARDSTOP.
  • Off-site Eligible Question
    • A NEW question will appear in the case request order for the provider to indicate if it is OK to perform this procedure at one of the Vanderbilt off-site ambulatory surgery locations.
  • Radiology Special Needs – VOR3, MCE3, and VUH4S Only
    • Providers can now indicate Radiology Imaging Needs for their case within the Case Request Order.
    • This question is a multi-select question.