July 7, 2023

25th Avenue South to be closed beginning July 17; shuttle route and entrances to 25th Avenue and West Garages affected

Beginning Monday, July 17, 25th Avenue South will be closed to vehicle traffic from Blakemore Avenue to Jess Neely Drive. The intersection at 25th Avenue and Jess Neely Drive will remain open.

The 25th Avenue Garage will be open, but access to it from 25th Avenue will close. Medical Center-affiliated parkers will not be able to enter the garage from the 25th Avenue entrance across from the tennis courts and will instead need to enter and exit the garage from 24th Avenue or Highland Avenue.

Due to the road closure around the garage, VUMC shuttles will no longer stop at the 25th Avenue Garage.

The road closure will also affect the 25th Avenue entrance to the West Garage; those using the West Garage should use the 24th Avenue or Children’s Way entrances.

This closure, which is scheduled to be in effect until late 2024, is part of Vanderbilt University’s Central Utilities Initiative, which supports construction projects in the Frist Athletics Village. The initiative will update utilities in support of Vandy United projects, the residential colleges planned for 25th Avenue South and other University projects.

The 25th Avenue Closure joins others, including the permanent closure of Jess Neely Drive between 25th Avenue and Natchez Trace, and the temporary but still ongoing closure of Natchez Trace between Jess Neely Drive and Kensington Place. Those using streets around campus may anticipate increased traffic on the roadways that remain open.

Here is a map of the road closures and the vehicle traffic routes around the closures.

For more information about routes for pedestrians, bicyclists, and the pathway around Highland Quad, go here.