July 10, 2023

eStar Tip Sheets available on Hubbl app to be integrated into vumc2go

Beginning Jul. 26, Hubbl, an app that employees across VUMC use for accessing eStar-related Tip Sheets and other training information, will now be part of the vumc2go workforce app, creating a single destination for employees to find important information. Existing Hubbl content will fully be integrated into vumc2go as Jul. 26, 2023.

vumc2go is available as a mobile app that can be downloaded from both the App Store (iOS devices) and the Google Play store (Android devices). There is also a website that can be accessed from a browser. Employees can log into vumc2go to find Hubbl content via the web at https://vumc2go.app.vumc.org/web. Employees should bookmark this URL.

Existing Hubbl links, which can be found throughout eStar and within eStar-related items in publications such as MyVUMC, will automatically redirect to the vumc2go homepage.

Links to the Hubbl homepage, including the icon on clinical workstations, will also redirect to vumc2go.

After logging into vumc2go on the web, employees will see this screen. They can click on “Hubbl eStar Tip Sheets” to search for a specific Tip Sheet:


The integration of Hubbl content into vumc2go is necessary due to changes within the Microsoft SharePoint environment.