August 4, 2023

VUMC in the news, Aug. 8, 2023

William Schaffner, MD, professor of Preventive Medicine, continues to be one of the most in-demand sources about infectious disease in the news. Among the news outlets he has spoken to recently: CNN, CBS News, NBC News, Daily Mail and Healio.

Peter Martin, MD, professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, was quoted in an NBC News story about an increase in alcohol-related mortality in women in the U.S.

NPR correspondent Nell Greenfieldboyce interviewed Tuya Pal, MD, associate director for Cancer Health Disparities, for a story about the increasing use of multi-gene testing panels for hereditary cancer predisposition.

Keipp Talbot, MD, professor of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases, was quoted by Axios and STAT in stories about the CDC’s endorsement of RSV shots for all infants.

Kristen Scarpato, MD, MPH, associate professor of Urology, was quoted in an Eating Well story about urinary frequency and what is normal.

Elizabeth Phillips, MD, John A. Oates Professor and professor of Medicine, was quoted by Healio in a story about direct oral challenges for low-risk penicillin allergy.

Mary Philip, MD, PhD, assistant professor of Medicine, spoke to the Daily Beast about how cancer evades the body’s immune system.

Wei Zheng, MD, PhD, MPH, chief of the Division of Epidemiology and professor of Medicine, was quoted by STAT in a story about racial disparities for prostate and breast cancer.