August 8, 2023

Employees should familiarize themselves with VUMC’s social media policy

Employees at Vanderbilt University Medical Center who use any social media platform should review the recently updated Social Media Policy.

The purpose of the policy is to reduce legal, reputation, safety and security risks for employees and VUMC.

Specific reminders:

  • Your posts reflect on VUMC and the health care profession. Complaints about an employee’s social media activity are reviewed according to VUMC policies.
  • All other policies and guidelines apply on social media. This isn’t limited to HIPAA.
  • You should never share proprietary or confidential information.
  • If you identify yourself on social media as an employee of VUMC (any entity), you must make clear that your opinions are your own and not those of VUMC. Adding “views my own” to your bio is usually sufficient.
  • Anything you post online leaves your control forever. It is “discoverable” for legal purposes. It may be saved, altered and shared without your awareness or permission.
  • If your personal social media accounts are attacked because of work you do at VUMC, consider these tips for protecting your accounts.
  • If you encounter posts about VUMC that concern you — e.g., a service complaint — send details to for follow up. If this is in a private group to which you belong (Facebook, NextDoor, for example), you may choose to reply from your own profile so long as you disclose your association with VUMC and the topic is in your area of responsibility.
  • Don’t use your VUMC email address or any VU-registered marks for a personal social media account.

About VUMC-branded social media accounts:

  • Brand social media accounts are managed in Marketing & Engagement. You’re encouraged to follow these accounts and share content from your own accounts, if you choose. Content may be submitted for consideration; email
  • Social media accounts that represent a department or business unit of VUMC cannot be created without review and approval of the Marketing & Engagement Department. Accounts without approval or that fail to meet minimum publishing and moderation requirements will be removed.

Tips, guidelines and a link to the policy are here: