August 11, 2023

Database upgrades to OnBase set for Aug. 19 & 26

The OnBase document management support team will implement changes C0248519 on Saturday, Aug. 19 at 9 p.m., and C0248520 on Saturday, Aug. 26 at 9 p.m. to perform database upgrades that are necessary and are prerequisites for additional upgrade work coming in the weeks and months ahead. There are no functional changes being made to OnBase as a result of these events. Please refer to the Tip Sheet for more information.

Documents may not be scanned using the desktop “toaster” scanners during these downtimes.

Preparation for Downtime

  • Users should complete as much necessary scanning as possible prior to the start of each downtime.
  • Documents (e.g., Operative Consents) that might be needed during the downtimes may be scanned, but a hard copy of the consent should be available for reference during the downtimes.

During Downtime

  • eStar will be available during these downtimes.
  • Documents may be scanned using Multifunction devices (“MFDs”), but they will not be indexed until OnBase is back up.
  • Previously scanned documents may be accessed & viewed/printed from Star Panel. See Tip Sheet for guidance.
  • Downtime processes will be used for any work processes normally dependent on review of OnBase images from eStar.

Post Downtime Recovery

  • Documents scanned during the downtimes will be indexed and, as indexing is completed, will be accessible for viewing via OnBase and eStar.
  • Work processes that utilize document review in OnBase may resume.