August 11, 2023

eStar update: New option to hold active inpatient medications

A new option to hold active medications will become available in the “manage orders” activity for inpatient encounters. This feature is useful when providers plan to pause the administration of a certain medication temporarily and will make the hold visible to nurses, pharmacists, and other team members. This is intended to improve the safety and efficiency of provider-initiated medications hold.

The change takes effect Aug. 13 and affects all inpatient providers across VUMC.


·         Workflows of procedural MAR hold, signing and holding orders, and phases of care holds will not be changed or affected by this feature.

·         The hold will be active immediately when signing the hold order.

·         To resume medication, it must be unheld by a provider order.

·         Held medications will be clearly labeled “Held by provider” everywhere they are displayed on eStar screens and printouts.

·         For more details, see the tip sheet: Placing Provider-Initiated Hold on Inpatient Medications.

Once the feature is available, providers should not hold medications using nursing communication orders.