August 21, 2023

VUMC employees asked to take steps to limit power use during this week’s heat wave


The forecast calls for temperatures to be near 100 degrees for the next few days, and Gary Streaty, vice president for VUMC Facilities Management, asks that employees and students be mindful of their energy use and take steps to conserve.

“There are some simple steps that we all can take that can help as we go through this especially hot period, and for the rest of the summer,” he said.

Among the steps Streaty suggests:

  • Raising the thermostat temperature point in your area to 76-78 degrees (especially when you leave for the day).
  • Turning off all lights in unoccupied spaces, even if only for short periods of time. Bathrooms, kitchens, break rooms and conference rooms are often empty most of the day, and turning off the lights for only a minute or two helps conserve power.
  • Turning off some of the lights in occupied spaces where switching allows.
  • Close window shades and blinds to limit direct sunlight and keep cooler air in.
  • Turning off unused equipment and limiting copy machine use.
  • Using the stairs rather than the elevator.
  • Reporting power reduction opportunities that you need help with to Facilities Management @

Facilities Management is also implementing a voluntary power curtailment effort within the Medical Center. The power curtailment will begin with a reduction of select corridor lighting, mechanical space lighting, and moderate increases in the ventilation system air temperatures.

To report problems regulating the temperature in a work area phone 615-322-2041.