August 22, 2023

New Cause for Applause system helps employees celebrate colleagues

Cause for Applause is Vanderbilt Health’s new system for recognizing, celebrating, and appreciating employees all over the organization. Whether it is someone who is exemplifying our Credo, delivering on our Patient and Family Promise, or simply performing at the top of their game, employees are doing great things every day. Cause for Applause makes it easy and fun to shine a light on your colleagues.

All Vanderbilt Health employees can use Cause for Applause to recognize their co-workers. Employees can also use the system to send e-cards for special occasions, including birthdays, service anniversaries, and other milestones.

Responses to last year’s culture survey revealed that employees were eager for a way to recognize one another across the organization. Cause for Applause helps to make that a reality for Vanderbilt Health.

To help make Cause for Applause as engaging as it can be, you should update your “Social Settings” in your employee profile. This lets your co-workers recognize YOU for important events such as your work anniversary and birthday, as well as see when others celebrate you directly.

Log into Cause for Applause today to start letting your colleagues know how much you appreciate them.

Learn more about Cause for Applause.