August 25, 2023

Everything you need to know about VUMC-owned mobile device maintenance and loss prevention

VUMC IT has standardized the support and maintenance of VUMC-owned mobile devices with a new standard operating procedure (SOP). The SOP includes guidance on securing and maintaining your VUMC-owned mobile device.  In addition, it includes information on device tracking.   The new standard operating procedure (SOP) applies to all VUMC-owned mobile devices (phones, tablets, and push-to-talk).

As further detail, below you will find the key guidance covered in the SOP:

  1. When it is appropriate to have a VUMC-owned mobile device
  2. The process for checking phones in and out
  3. Device owner responsibilities including:
    1. Cleaning
    2. Tracking and Reporting lost or stolen devices1
    3. Contacting the VUMC IT Help Desk for malfunctions
    4. Maintaining a Mobile Device Tracking Form and keeping the content for a minimum of 6 months
  4. VUMC IT responsibilities including scheduled maintenance

The full content to the SOP can be found here in PolicyTech

For further questions, contact

1If you use a VUMC owned mobile device and it is lost or stolen:

  • Contact VUPD if you use the device on the main Nashville campus
  • Contact your VUMC entity’s local police department if you use the device off campus
  • Submit a Pegasus ticket HERE