August 28, 2023

25th Avenue street closure impacting employee garage parking

Medical Center employees are experiencing long delays each afternoon while exiting the 25th Avenue Garage. The problem stems from the closure of 25th Avenue between Blakemore Avenue and Jess Neely Drive.

The closure of this portion of 25th Avenue, which began in July, is part of the Vanderbilt University’s multi-year Central Utilities Initiative updating and placing utilities underground. The closure of the portion of 25th Avenue completely blocked one of the exits for the 25th Avenue Garage. An additional construction-related road closure on Children’s Way impacts the West Garage, placing more vehicle volume onto 24th Avenue.

Last week’s arrival of University students resulted in increased vehicle volume on 24th Avenue, with the result that 24th could no longer accommodate rush hour traffic volume.

With the closure of the section of 25th Avenue expected to last until 2025, solutions to address the problem are being pursued. A traffic mitigation plan has been implemented by Vanderbilt University Police Service that involves controlling traffic signals. Traffic coordinators are deployed along 24th Avenue to direct traffic. The University has also reassigned more than 250 student parkers to other locations along the periphery of campus to help reduce the number of vehicles entering and exiting the 25th Avenue Garage.

For the Medical Center’s portion of the 25th Avenue Garage, employees can expect increased diligence for vehicles being checked for appropriate permits. Unauthorized vehicles will receive citations. Already, more than 300 citations were written last week to individuals who parked inappropriately.

Despite these corrective actions it is likely employees will experience delays while exiting the garage. Medical Center leaders understand the impact this is having on employees and are continuing to work closely with the University to manage and improve the situation.