September 6, 2023

New marketing materials available for My Health at Vanderbilt

Marketing materials for My Health at Vanderbilt have recently been updated, bringing them in line with Vanderbilt Health’s brand standards. These updated materials also reflect features and capabilities within the app that have been added since the last time the rack cards were produced.

Additionally, the new materials are appropriate for different populations served by Vanderbilt Health, including Spanish-speaking patients and families. There are also new versions for our pediatric patients and their caregivers.

We have found that the most effective method for encouraging a patient to sign up for My Health at Vanderbilt is for the provider (or other central member of the care team) to hand a copy of the rack card to a patient during a visit. It is even more powerful when accompanied by a statement such as “This is the best way to contact me between visits” or “This is a great way to better manage your care.”

Each of the four rack card versions is available in sets of 250.

Updated rack cards are available for order directly from our approved print vendor, Fidelity. The form will collect the ordering department’s cost center for invoicing.

Clinics and areas are encouraged to dispose of any existing My Health at Vanderbilt marketing materials and replace them with the updated versions (as budgets allow).

The new rack cards are available at

As part of the My Health at Vanderbilt marketing refresh, the sign-in page at will be updated in mid-September.

Clinics or areas interested in additional marketing materials (e.g., poster, banners, etc.) should work with their designated marketing representative to order them.