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VUMC to begin requiring second ABO blood type before transfusion

Sep. 12, 2023, 2:32 PM


All Vanderbilt patients will require two tests of their blood type prior to issuing crossmatched blood products. When a patient’s blood type is unknown, a two-sample or check-type should be performed along with other safety methods already employed at VUMC, including positive patient identification, or PPID. This change will take effect Sept. 19.

  • Patients who have had their blood types previously tested at the transfusing hospital will not require this confirmation test but will only require a Type & Screen as in current practice.
  • Clinical decision support will suggest the second ABO Confirmation test only to patients who need it.
  • Reminder: Blood Bank test results do not cross between Vanderbilt facilities and must be tested at the hospital where the transfusion is to take place.
  • The ABO Confirmation test will be suggested through a Best Practice Advisory (BPA) pop-up, as shown below. It is recommended to accept the BPA to prevent potential delays in receiving ordered blood products.

Questions?: Educational materials, including Tip Sheets, are available on the eStar happenings website here.


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