September 12, 2023

VUMC to begin requiring second ABO blood type before transfusion


All Vanderbilt patients will require two tests of their blood type prior to issuing crossmatched blood products. When a patient’s blood type is unknown, a two-sample or check-type should be performed along with other safety methods already employed at VUMC, including positive patient identification, or PPID. This change will take effect Sept. 19.

  • Patients who have had their blood types previously tested at the transfusing hospital will not require this confirmation test but will only require a Type & Screen as in current practice.
  • Clinical decision support will suggest the second ABO Confirmation test only to patients who need it.
  • Reminder: Blood Bank test results do not cross between Vanderbilt facilities and must be tested at the hospital where the transfusion is to take place.
  • The ABO Confirmation test will be suggested through a Best Practice Advisory (BPA) pop-up, as shown below. It is recommended to accept the BPA to prevent potential delays in receiving ordered blood products.

Questions?: Educational materials, including Tip Sheets, are available on the eStar happenings website here.