September 13, 2023

New identities announced for consumer, physician content marketing websites

Two content platforms published by the Office of Marketing and Engagement have been renamed to reflect their evolving missions.

  • My Southern Health, focused on health and wellness for consumers, is now My Vanderbilt Health.
  • Discover, focused on engaging with health professionals and peers in academic medicine, is now Discoveries in Medicine.

Both sites have undergone redesigns to better align visually with Vanderbilt Health branding.

My Vanderbilt Health was renamed this month based on research and surveys conducted among subscribers to the site’s weekly newsletter, patients and employees. The site remains focused on reaching patients and prospective patients with health and wellness content featuring Vanderbilt Health experts. Since launching in 2015, the site has published almost 1,500 posts that range from healthy recipes and fitness tips to expert advice on a wide range of health topics.

Though one of the goals continues to be helping improve the health and wellness of the Southeast, the new name gives a nod to the national reach and reputation of Vanderbilt Health.

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Discoveries in Medicine was renamed several months ago to give sharper focus to the site’s goals. Since it launched in 2018 as Discover, the site has published more than 1,000 posts focused on the latest research and clinical innovation from Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Discoveries in Medicine serves as a reputation-builder among peer physicians, while also helping uphold Vanderbilt’s strong reputation among the scientific and academic medical community. The site also seeks to reach referring providers and communicate that Vanderbilt is home to multidisciplinary leaders in medicine and research.

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