October 12, 2023

Elections in the city of Franklin happening now

While many of us tend to focus more on those, at the federal and state level, local elections are also incredibly important to the future of our regional cities and counties.

As one of the largest regional employers, Vanderbilt University Medical Center has employees who live in areas all across the Middle Tennessee Region and beyond.

Active engagement in local county and city elections is essential to the health and well-being of every community. Voter turnout is incredibly important in deciding the future of any locale, and active participation in the voting process is essential regardless of how you choose to vote.

Early voting in Franklin’s local election is currently open and lasts through Thursday, Oct. 19. Election day is Oct. 24. Registered voters who reside in Franklin can cast their votes at the county election commission (405 Downs Blvd).

As an introduction to the two mayoral candidates running for local office, interviews that were conducted at a recent “Meet the Candidates” event can be found through these links. Ken Moore (40:50 mark) and Gabrielle Hanson (5:55 mark).

In addition to the position of mayor, there are candidates running for the position of alderman for Franklin. All offices are citywide and appear on the ballot for all registered voters who reside in Franklin city limits. There are 3 competitive races for Alderman At-Large, Positions B, C, and D. The “Meet the Candidates” interviews for the alderman candidates can be found by following this link, along with even more information about the Franklin elections, including voting times and locations: www.williamsonchamber.com/vote