October 12, 2023

Vanderbilt University to install noise-making devices to deter bird nest building at Currey Tennis Center

On Thursday, Oct. 19, Vanderbilt University’s (VU) Maintenance and Operations team is planning to install noise-making devices at the Currey Tennis Center to deter birds from building nests on the light poles located on the tennis courts.

The University has decided to carry out this task during the fall break period, when the campus is expected to be less crowded. The installation is scheduled for Oct. 19, to minimize the inconvenience to the campus community.

The operation involves the use of noise-making devices, which may cause loud noises as early as 8 a.m. These devices will be used to distract birds from the work area, ensuring the safety of the employees and contractors tasked with installing the devices on the light poles.

The University has made every effort to reduce the use of these noise-making devices to ensure a safe environment for all involved in the project. The decision to use these devices was made after considering the safety of the workers and the need to prevent interference from birds during the installation process.

VU Public Safety has been fully notified of the scheduled activity and is prepared to handle any issues that may arise from the operation.

The VU Maintenance and Operations team has apologized for any inconvenience this might cause and has assured the University community that every effort is being made to limit the noise and complete the work as quickly and efficiently as possible.
For any further inquiries or concerns please contact the VU Maintenance and Operations team.