October 13, 2023

VUMC in the news, Oct. 17, 2023

William Schaffner, MD, professor of Preventive Medicine, was interviewed by Scientific American for a piece about the flu vaccine and how often it’s not appreciated that it can work to make an illness less severe.

HealthLeaders reporter Christopher Cheney interviewed Gerald Hickson, MD, founding director of the Center for Patient and Professional Advocacy, for a story about how to address unprofessionalism in health care settings.

STAT health tech correspondent Katie Palmer interviewed Sharon Davis, PhD, research assistant professor of Biomedical Informatics, for a story about a new study on simulated algorithmic drift with the use of multiple AI predictive models.

Beth Malow, MD, MS, director of the Sleep Disorders Division, was interviewed by Yahoo! Life for a story about whether it is more healthful to be an early bird or a night owl.

Samantha Brodsky, a writer for Wondermind.com published her interview with Julia Sheffield, PhD, assistant professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, to discuss delusions: what they are, why they occur/what mental illnesses they occur in, and how they’re treated, etc.