October 19, 2023

Patient Experience awards honor excellence of clinical teams and individual clinicians

Chief Patient Experience Officer David Haynes, MD, center, presented Excellence in Patient Experience awards to Cassandra Bruns, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, left, and Inder Raj Grewal, MBBS, who had perfect top box scores of 100%. Not pictured is Bethany Sanders, MSN, CNM, who also received a perfect score. (Photo by Susan Urmy)
Chief Patient Experience Officer David Haynes, MD, center, presented Excellence in Patient Experience awards to Cassandra Bruns, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, left, and Inder Raj Grewal, MBBS, who had perfect top box scores of 100%. Not pictured is Bethany Sanders, MSN, CNM, who also received a perfect score. (Photo by Susan Urmy)

Vanderbilt University Medical Center is recognizing 638 clinicians and 232 clinical areas for earning Excellence in Patient Experience awards for fiscal year 2023, an increase in both categories over last year.

“We have another year where more providers and areas achieved a patient experience award,” said Vice President of Patient Experience Brian Carlson. “I am so proud of the commitment we have to delivering on our Credo and Patient and Family Promise to every patient or colleague, every time. Congratulations to all the providers and areas on achieving this level of excellence in delivering safe, compassionate care.”

Clinical service areas and VUMC providers — including physicians, physician assistants and certified registered nurse practitioners— were honored for ranking in the top 10% nationally in patient experience for fiscal year 2023 (July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023).

The awards recognizing exceptional performance and commitment to service excellence are based on surveys administered by the health care solutions and consultant company Press Ganey across various service areas including medical practice/clinics, inpatient, ambulatory surgery, outpatient services and others. Many satellite Vanderbilt Health outpatient clinics, Vanderbilt Health Clinic at Walgreens locations in Middle Tennessee, and health clinics at Metro Nashville Public Schools, are included in the outpatient clinical spaces covered by the surveys.

The top box scores (the percent of the best possible responses) of all the survey questions were compared to the Press Ganey benchmark. All areas above the 90th percentile received an award. The provider-related questions on the medical practice/clinic survey were used to recognize individual clinicians. Eligibility was dependent on having at least 30 surveys returned by patients during FY 2023.

“These awards are based on direct feedback from our patients and are a clear indication of the dedication our clinicians and clinical teams have to providing compassionate, patient-centered care,” said David Haynes, MD, MMHC, Chief Patient Experience Officer. “The Medical Center’s mission is ‘personalizing the patient experience through our caring spirit and remarkable capabilities,’ and the individuals and teams receiving these awards are doing just that. We are so proud to recognize these individuals and clinical groups who are consistently going above and beyond to ensure our patients receive the care they deserve.”

Cassandra Bruns, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC; Inder Raj Grewal, MBBS; and Bethany Sanders, MSN, CNM, are the VUMC clinicians who finished FY 2023 with a perfect top box score of 100%.

Bruns, a nurse practitioner in adult kidney and pancreas transplant, has been with VUMC for six years. She said she listens to her patients’ concerns and ensures they leave the clinic with “their questions answered and a smile on their face.”

“I feel it’s important I get to know my patients personally, whether that’s knowing the nickname they gave their new kidney, what their hobbies are, who their family and caregivers are, if they have pets, or who their favorite sports team is,” she said. “All of those details allow me to connect with my patients so I can provide them with more personalized care.”

Grewal, an assistant professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences with the Division of Geriatric Psychiatry, received this accolade from a patient:

“Dr. Grewal is uniquely gifted in her extensive medical expertise and genuine compassion for her patients, which inspires hopefulness and guidance in mobilizing her patients’ internal resources to strengthen their capacity [to] fulfill their aspirations and quality of life.”

Grewal said her ethos for patient care is to listen to and spend time with her patients and their caregivers.

“Memory and cognitive symptoms can be particularly challenging for many of my patients,” she said. “I strive my best to understand their concerns and come up with a treatment plan in collaboration with my patients and their families.”

Sanders, a nurse-midwife who has been with VUMC for 12 years, sees patients both in outpatient clinics at Melrose and Mount Juliet, and in the hospital. She has consistently received glowing reviews. One individual shared:

“Bethany is so friendly and attentive at every appointment. I always feel listened to, and she explains things very clearly. I never feel rushed or like my questions are a bother. I would recommend Bethany to anyone seeking midwife care!”

Another patient said she “would follow Bethany Sanders to the moon and back. She takes amazing care of me and is so easy to talk to.”

“In providing gynecologic and prenatal care, I try to put myself in the position of the patient and be mindful of what makes a more positive health care encounter,” Sanders said. “Midwifery philosophy is very much about treating each person as an individual but also as a person within a family and community. I try to reflect back to patients that I share their concerns and respect their values.”

Bruns said she was honored by the award and added that teamwork is at the heart of the patients’ satisfaction and hers as well.

“I would like to thank all of my colleagues and mentors for the knowledge and support they have given me thus far,” she said. “I am only one piece of our large interdisciplinary team and am grateful I get to work alongside such caring and supportive team members.”

Grewal echoed those sentiments: “Even though I have been recognized for this honor, the credit goes to ‘teamwork.’ I am very fortunate. We have a collaborative clinical environment, and I am grateful for the support I receive from my colleagues.”

FY 23 Patient Experience Award Recipients

Clinical Areas — Pediatric

Cardiac Catheterization Electrophysiology Monroe Carell 3

Pediatric ECHO Hendersonville

Pediatric ECHO Jackson

Pediatric ECHO Murfreesboro

Pediatric Cardiology Clarksville

Pediatric Cardiology General Doctors’ Office Tower 5

Pediatric Cardiology Jackson

Pediatric Cardiology Murfreesboro

Pediatric Endocrinology Clarksville

Pediatric Hip Preservation Clinic Doctors’ Office Tower 4 Main

Pediatric Motor Impairment Beechwood

Pediatric Neurology Murfreesboro

Pediatric Primary Care Lebanon

Pediatric Pulmonary Cystic Fibrosis Doctors’ Office Tower 10

Pediatric Pulmonary Clarksville

Pediatric Pulmonary Murfreesboro

Pediatric Rheumatology Doctors’ Office Tower

Pediatric University Pediatrics One Hundred Oaks

Pediatric Urology Doctors’ Office Tower 4 Expansion

Pediatric Urology Doctors’ Office Tower 4 Main

Vanderbilt Children’s Surgery Center Murfreesboro

Clinicians — Pediatric

Cyrus M. Adams, MD

Sunny Bell, MD

Riha Girish Bhatt, MD

Christopher Michael Bonfield, MD

Erin Denise Boyd, MD, MSPH

Cassandra Corinne Brady, MD

John W. Brock III, MD

Robert Paul Carson, MD, PhD

Joshua Chew, MD, MSCI

Rachel Collico, MSN, APRN

Alaina M. Davis, MD

Neerav A. Desai, MD

Michael Dewan, MD, MSPH

Alex B. Diamond, MD

Tom Doyle, MD

Paul Bernard Dressler, MD, MPH

Cynthia Y. Driskill, MSN

Barbara Duffy, MSN

Alisa Carman Gotte, MD, MSCS

Brent Graham, MD, MS

Jennifer R. Green, MD

Justin Michael Gregory, MD, MSCI

Jane Miller Hearnsberger, MSN

Elizabeth Adair Herbert, PNP, APRN-BC

Matthew Hiller, MD

Irene Hong-McAtee, MD, MS

Tracy E. Hunley, MD

Tara M. Huss, MD

Kaitlin C. James, MD

Jennifer Caitlin Kelley, MD

Lauren E. King, MSN

Carla T. Lee, MD, PhD

Samantha Lee, MD

Margaret V. Maclin, DMD

Megan Maloney, APRN

Hannah Martin, MD

Jeffrey E. Martus, MD

Allison E. Norton, MD

Michael G. O’Connor, MD

Natalie N. Owen, APRN, MSN

Andrew E. Radbill, MD

Mark E. Rawls, MD

Diana C. Riera, MD, MBA

Alice M. Rothman, MD, MPH

William E. Russell, MD

Jonathan G. Schoenecker, MD

Jill H. Simmons, MD

Carlenda Monique Smith, MD

Michael Smith, MD

Whitley Smith, APRN

Andrew G. Sokolow, MD

Stephanie Spence, MSN

Amber M. Thomas, APRN

John C. Thomas, MD

Kristen Trickett, MD

Rene George VanDeVoorde III, MD

Kimberly Woodward, APRN

Sarah Zachary, APRN

Clinical Areas — Adult

Adult Medicine Vanderbilt University Hospital (Monroe Carell 11)

Allergy Sinus Pulmonary West End

Anticoagulation Clinic Franklin

Anticoagulation Clinic Murfreesboro

Anticoagulation Clinic One Hundred Oaks

Audiology Clinic Franklin

Behavioral Health General Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital

Behavioral Health Geriatrics Village at Vanderbilt

Behavioral Health Therapy Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital

Behavioral Health Village at Vanderbilt

Cardiac Rehabilitation Dayani Center

Cardiology Electrophysiology One Hundred Oaks

Cardiology General Franklin

Cardiology General Franklin, Kentucky

Cardiology General Lawrenceburg

Cardiology General Medical Center East 5

Cardiology General One Hundred Oaks

Cardiology General Spring Hill

Cardiology Heart Failure Crossville

Cardiology Heart Failure Knoxville

Cardiology Heart Failure Medical Center East 5

Cardiology Interventional Columbia

Cardiology Interventional Franklin

Cardiology Interventional Medical Center East 5

Cardiology Interventional One Hundred Oaks

Cardiology Interventional Shelbyville

Cardiology Lipids One Hundred Oaks

Cardiology Oncology Medical Center East 5

Cardiology Vascular Medical Center East 5

Cardiology Vascular One Hundred Oaks

Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery

Cochlear Implants Lebanon

Concierge Physical Therapy Green Hills

Dermatology Cosmetics One Hundred Oaks

Dermatology Franklin

Dermatology General One Hundred Oaks

Executive Wellness & Concierge Medicine Green Hills

Functional Neurosurgery

Gastroenterology Inflammatory Bowel Disease One Hundred Oaks North

Gastroenterology Nutrition Medical Arts Building 5

Geriatrics Village at Vanderbilt

Huntington’s Disease Clinic Preston Research Building

Hepatology Village at Vanderbilt

Infectious Diseases Comprehensive Care Clinic One Hundred Oaks 3

Infectious Diseases Edward Curd Lane

Infectious Diseases Medical Arts Building 1

Internal Medicine Edward Curd Lane

Internal Medicine Hillsboro Medical Group Village at Vanderbilt

Internal Medicine One Hundred Oaks South

Internal Medicine Pod A One Hundred Oaks North

Internal Medicine Pod B One Hundred Oaks North

Internal Medicine Pod C One Hundred Oaks North

Internal Medicine Pod D One Hundred Oaks North

John S. Odess Clinic

Medical Weight Loss Clarksville

Medical Weight Loss Lebanon

Medical Weight Loss One Hundred Oaks

Medical Weight Loss Spring Hill

Metro Nashville Public Schools Bransford

Metro Nashville Public Schools Bransford Behavioral Health

Metro Nashville Public Schools Bransford Physical Therapy

Metro Nashville Public Schools Mt. View

Metro Nashville Public Schools Stratton

Metro Nashville Public Schools Two Rivers

Metro Nashville Public Schools West

Nephrology The Vanderbilt Clinic 2

Neurology Cognitive Preston Research Building

Neurology Infusion Green Hills

Neurology Movement Royal Oaks

Neurology Sleep Edward Curd Lane

Neurology Sleep One Hundred Oaks

Neurosurgery Mt. Juliet

Neurosurgery Royal Oaks

OB-GYN General Brentwood

OB-GYN General Columbia

OB-GYN General Hendersonville

OB-GYN General Lawrenceburg

OB-GYN General Spring Hill

OB-GYN Maternal Fetal Medicine Monroe Carell 9

OB-GYN Midwifery Melrose

OB-GYN MIS One Hundred Oaks

OB-GYN Urogynecology Cool Springs

Occupational Health Medical Arts Building 6

Oncology Adult Survivorship Village at Vanderbilt

Oncology Breast Belle Meade

Oncology Breast Cool Springs

Oncology Breast One Hundred Oaks

Oncology Breast Surgery One Hundred Oaks

Oncology General Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital 1

Oncology Genetics Village at Vanderbilt

Oncology Hematology Belle Meade

Oncology Hematology Cool Springs

Oncology Hematology Hendersonville

Oncology Hematology Pleasant View

Oncology Hematology Spring Hill

Oncology Hematology Village at Vanderbilt

Oncology Infusion Belle Meade

Oncology Infusion Cool Springs

Oncology Infusion Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital

Oncology Surgical and Endocrine Surgery Cool Springs

Oncology Surgical The Vanderbilt Clinic

Ophthalmology Comprehensive Smithville

Ophthalmology Optometry Vanderbilt Eye Institute

Ophthalmology Retina Bowling Green

Ophthalmology Retina Graves Gilbert Bowling Green

Orthopaedics Foot and Ankle Hendersonville

Orthopaedics General Franklin

Orthopaedics Hand Belle Meade

Orthopaedics Hand Franklin

Orthopaedics Hand Hendersonville

Orthopaedics Hand Lebanon

Orthopaedics Joint Franklin

Orthopaedics Joint Hendersonville

Orthopaedics Joint Medical Center East 4

Orthopaedics Joint Murfreesboro Medical Clinic

Orthopaedics Joint West Nashville

Orthopaedics Occupational Therapy Belle Meade

Orthopaedics Occupational Therapy Hendersonville

Orthopaedics Occupational Therapy Medical Center East

Orthopaedics Sports Medicine Franklin

Orthopaedics Sports Medicine Hendersonville

Orthopaedics Sports Medicine Lebanon

Orthopaedics Sports Medicine West Nashville

Orthopaedics X-ray Spring Hill

Orthopaedics X-ray West Nashville

Orthopaedics Foot and Ankle Franklin

Orthopaedics Sports Medicine Belle Meade

Orthopaedics Sports Medicine Spring Hill

Otolaryngology General Franklin

Outpatient Infusion The Vanderbilt Clinic

Pain Management Center Spring Hill

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic Stallworth

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Dayani Center

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Orthopaedics Medical Center East 4

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Osher

Physical Therapy Dayani Center

Physical Therapy Osher Center

Primary Care Bellevue

Primary Care Brentwood

Primary Care Brentwood Shoppes

Primary Care Brentwood Suite 200

Primary Care Edward Curd Lane

Primary Care Green Hills

Primary Care Hendersonville

Primary Care Madison Street Rural Health Clinic Shelbyville

Primary Care Main Street Rural Health Clinic Shelbyville

Primary Care Nurse Faculty Practice Clarksville

Primary Care Nurse Faculty Practice Gallatin

Primary Care Nurse Faculty Practice Melrose

Primary Care Nurse Faculty Practice West End

Primary Care Nolensville

Primary Care Pleasant View

Primary Care Rural Health Clinic Wartrace

Primary Care Spring Hill

Primary Care UHC Unionville

Primary Care Westhaven

Psychological Services Dayani Center

Pulmonary Interventional The Vanderbilt Clinic B

Pulmonary One Hundred Oaks North

Pulmonary The Vanderbilt Clinic B

Radiation Oncology Franklin

Radiation Oncology Franklin

Radiation Oncology Vanderbilt Wilson County

Radiation Oncology Vanderbilt Wilson County

Rheumatology Cool Springs

Rheumatology Green Hills

Rheumatology Infusion Cool Springs

Speech Language Pathology Medical Center East

Surgery Burn Clinic 11S

Surgery Cardiac Medical Center East 5

Surgery Colorectal Medical Arts Building 2

Surgery General Belcourt

Surgery General Edward Curd Lane

Surgery Plastics The Vanderbilt Clinic

Surgery Thoracic Edward Curd Lane

Surgical Weight Loss Lebanon

Surgical Weight Loss One Hundred Oaks

Transplant Liver Medical Village at Vanderbilt

Transplant Liver Surgical Village at Vanderbilt

Transplant Renal Surgical Village at Vanderbilt

Urology Green Hills

Urology Spring Hill

Vanderbilt Franklin Women’s Center Mammography

Vanderbilt Health Clinic at Walgreens-Belle Meade

Vanderbilt Health Clinic at Walgreens-Bellevue

Vanderbilt Health Clinic at Walgreens-Donelson

Vanderbilt Health Clinic at Walgreens-Franklin

Vanderbilt Health Clinic at Walgreens-Gallatin

Vanderbilt Health Clinic at Walgreens-Hendersonville

Vanderbilt Health Clinic at Walgreens-Hermitage

Vanderbilt Health Clinic at Walgreens-Lavergne

Vanderbilt Health Clinic at Walgreens-Lebanon

Vanderbilt Health Clinic at Walgreens-Nippers Corner

Vanderbilt Health Clinic at Walgreens-Smyrna

Vanderbilt Health Clinic at Walgreens-Tiny Town Road Clarksville

Vanderbilt Health Hendersonville CT

Vanderbilt Health Hendersonville X-ray

Vanderbilt Health Walk-In Clinic at Belle Meade

Vanderbilt Health Walk-In Clinic at Franklin

Vanderbilt Health Walk-In Clinic at Pleasant View

Vanderbilt Voice Center

Vanderbilt Asthma, Sinus & Allergy Program Brentwood Shoppes

Vanderbilt Asthma, Sinus & Allergy Program Franklin

VIP OB-GYN General Tullahoma

VIP Primary Care Cedar Lane Tullahoma

VIP Primary Care Jackson Street Tullahoma

VIP Primary Care Manchester

VIP Walk-in Clinic Lebanon

VIVID Health Brentwood

Vanderbilt University Hospital 5N Cardiac ICU

Wound Care The Vanderbilt Clinic 3


Clinicians — Adult

Matthew Abbate, MD

Bassel Abou-Khalil, MD

Vandana Abramson, MD

Ahmad Abu Halimah, MD

Lealani Mae Acosta, MD, MPH, FAAN

Allison Nicole Lott Adams, MD

Dawn Adams, MD

Rodney Adams, APRN

Aaron Aday, MD

Rajiv Agarwal, MD

Chetan Vijay Aher, MD

Samina Ahmad, APRN

Kimberly M. Akinyele, APRN

Sarah Allen, PA

Christine S. Allocco, APRN

Steven Allon, MD

Ban Allos, MD

Louisa Altman, APRN

Suneetha Amara, MD

Tyler E. Ames, DDS

Kristin Ancell, MD

Brent Anderson, MD

Sarah Anderson, MD

Ted Anderson, MD, PhD

Federica Angel, MD

Kim Annis, PA

Kristin Anton, APRN

Amber Archer, APRN

Amy Armstrong, FNP-BC

Ashlee Arteaga, MD

Soheyl B. Asadsangabi, DNP

Katelyn Kennedy Atwater, MD

Eman Bahrani, MD

Christina Edwards Bailey, MD, MSCI

Michael Baker, MD

Behin Barahimi, MD

Naira Baregamian, MD

Emily Barker, MD

Alison Barlow, APRN

Alyssa Bartok, APRN

Ginny Barton, MD

Gerasimos Bastas, MD, PhD

Tamara Batson, APRN

Howard Baum, MD

Sonia Beck, PhD

Kathryn Beckermann, MD

Kimberly Joy Beiting, MD

Marc Bennett, MD, MMHC

Jordan Berlin, MD

Laura Binari, MD

Kelly Ann Birdwell, MD

Lindsay Ann Bischoff, MD

Cynthia A. Blalock, APRN

Karen Charlotte Bloch, MD

Aisha Bond, APRN

John M. Boone Jr., MD

Elise Boos, MD

Eric Nathan Bowman, MD

Amanda Bradley, APRN

Jennifer M. Bradley, MSN, RN, FNP-C

Stephane A. Braun, MD

Sarah Bridge, APRN

Emily Brignola, DNP, APRN, FNP-C

Marshall Brinkley, MD

Marie Brock, DO

Kyle Thomas Brooks, PA

Alaina J. Brown, MD

Amy Brown, MD, MS

Emily Brown, MD

Jennifer Brown, APRN

Karen M. Brown, APRN

Kelly M. Brown, MD

Sara Brown, MD

Cassandra E. Bruns, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC

Holly Budnick, APRN

Anna M. Burgner, MD

Rochell L. Burton, APRN

Merakka Calderon, WHNP

Holly Cannon, APRN

Dana B. Cardin, MD

Babatunde Carew, MD

Barbara Carranza Leon, MD

Nitara Danielle Carswell, MD

Jill Cash, APRN

Michael F. Caucci, MD

Jonazary Reyes Cervone, DO

Anuradha Chakravarthy, MD

Rachel Wergin Champion, MD

Sam S. Chang, MD

Sonja Chaparala, MD

Cody S. Chastain, MD

Michelle Tzue-E Chi, MD

Geoffrey Chidsey, MD

Sallaya Chinratanalab, MD

Rohan Chitale, MD

Sarah Marie Chladny, APRN

Naweed Iffat Chowdhury, MD

Andre L. Churchwell, MD

Kristen Keon Ciombor, MD

Daniel Claassen, MD, MS

Daniel Clair, MD

Walter K. Clair, MD

Charles Amos Clark, MD

Anna Sancho Clayton, MD

Leah M. Clem, PA-C

Ashley N. Cleveland, DNP

Brannan U. Cole, APRN

Shanita Coleman-Dockery, APRN

Adrienne Krebs Conger, MD

Lauren M. Connor, MD

Sarah Brianne Connor, APRN

Trisha L. Conwell, PA

Charles L. Cox III, MD

Kaylin Craig, MD

Marta A. Crispens, MD

Elizabeth Crofford, APRN

Angela Crudele, MD

John A. Curci, MD

Howard Lee Curlin, MD

Kathryn M. Dahir, MD

Robin Ligler Dalal, MD

Julie B. Damp, MD

David Dantzler, MD

Tina Darks, APRN

Karen F. Davis, MD

Mackenzie Davis, APRN

Nancy B. Davis, MD

Thomas L. Davis, MD

Ross Locke Dawkins, MD

Diane DeBerry, APRN

Kevin Christopher Dee, MD

Kirby H. Deeter, MD

April L. Demers, BCN, RN, MSN, ACNP-BC

Jeffrey Dendy, MD

Nanette Dendy, MD

Mihir Jitendra Desai, MD

Cindy Ann Desio, APRN

Anna Kristine Dewan, MD

Tracey L. DeWire, APRN

Bhagi Dholaria, MD

Michael Diatte, MD

Roger R. Dmochowski, MD

Glenn C. Douglas, MD

Katherine Dowdall, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Christina C. Dozier, APRN

Brian C. Drolet, MD

Madalene D. Drummond, APRN

Caroline Duley, APRN

Megan M. Dupuis, MD

Ryszard Dworski, MD

Michael F. Eagle, PA

James Eaton, MD

Dara Mize, MD, MS

Norma E. Edwards, BSN, MSN, APRN

Osama El Shamy, MD

Tom Anass Elasy, MD

Christopher R. Ellis, MD

Darrel L. Ellis, MD

Maie H. El-Sourady, MD

Christopher Scott English, MD

Wayne Joseph English, MD

Daniel W. Enroth, APRN

David Erasmus, MD

Lastacia Evans, WHNP-BC, MSN

Erin Fagot, DNP, MSN, WHNP

John Fang, MD

Chelsea Fechter, MD

William Henry Fissell IV, MD

Robert Fitch, MD

Sarah Flury, MD

Pete P. Fong, MD

Amy Fortner, FNP

Mallory Fox, MD

Matthew R. Fusco, MD

James V. Gainer III, MD

Anne Marie Galloway, APRN

Anthony Martins Gamboa, MD

Erica M. Garner, MD

Louis Garrard III, MD

Gaelyn Garrett, MD, MMHC

Kara Gaw, PA

Sunil K. Geevarghese, MD, MSCI

Alexander Gelbard, MD

Meredith Gerhart, CGC

Michael Kevin Gibson, MD

Morgane Giesecke, APRN

Anne Gifford, MD, MPH

Jill Gilbert, MD

Zachary Gilbert, PA

Erin A. Gillaspie, MD, MPH

Mark D. Glazer, MD

Laurie C. Goerzen, FNP, MSN, BSN

Lindsey Goodman, MD

  1. Lee Gorden, MD

Leann D. Gordon, MSN

James E. Gore, MD

Edward R. Gould, MD

Parul M. Goyal, MD

Ana M. Grau, MD

Sarah Graves, MSN, FNP-BC

Jennifer K. Green, MD

Shawn Alen Gregory, MD

Inder Grewal, MBBS

Gabriele Grossl, MD

Rimda Gupta, MD

David D. Hagaman, MD

Natalie Johnson Hall, APRN

Jennifer L. Halpern, MD

Regina Salai Hamlet, APRN

Allison Maureen Hanlon, MD, PhD

Gene A. Hannah, MD

Kathryn A. Hansen, MSN, PhD

Donnalita B. Harmon, APRN

Alexandria Denton Harvick, APRN

Travis Justin William Hassell, MD, PhD

Holly Hasty, APRN

Crystal Camille Hawkins, APRN

Sara Elizabeth Hedrich, APRN

William J. Heerman, MD

Brook Helmer, MD

Paula C. Herrmann, MD

Kelly Hewitt, MD

Justin Hewlett, MD

Brad Hill, MD

Tiffany E. Hines, MD

Timothy E. Hinton, MD

Melissa Hixson, MD

Richard L. Hock, MD

Michael D. Holzman, MD, MPH

Rob R. Hood, MD

Benjamin Hopkins, MD

Sara N. Horst, MD

Amy Gail Howard, APRN

Gwendolyn A. Howard, MD

Sean Huang, MD

Dana Hughes, APRN

Sean G. Hughes, MD

Margaret A. Hull, DNP, WHNP

Steven Humphrey, MD

Rebecca R. Hung, MD

Holli M. Huxtable, APRN

Mark D. Iafrati, MD, RVT, RPVI

Wade Thomas Iams, MD

Waleed N. Irani, MD

David Alan Isaacs, MD

Eiman Jahangir, MD

Reena Jayani, MD

Stephanie Hu Jian, OD

Karla J. Johns, MD

Ashley B. Johnson, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Douglas Buckner Johnson, MD

Benjamin Joseph Johnston, MD

Jill Lunde Jones, MD

Karyn Jones, APRN

Arvindh N. Kanagasundram, MD

Hillary R. Kaplan, MD

Mohana B. Karlekar, MD

Ashley Jo Rowatt Karpinos, MD

Sharon Katuin, DO

Rondi M. Kauffmann, MD, MPH

Vicki L. Keedy, MD

Lori Ann F. Kehler, OD

Tanya Kehoe, PA

Mark C. Kelley, MD, MMHC

Sean Garrett Kelly, MD

David J. Kennedy, MD

Laura Kennedy, MD

David Kent, MD

Tamara S. Keown, MSN, WHNP

Waleed F. Khalaf, MD

Aimal Khan, MD

Barbara Kiasatpour, APRN

Hannah Kim, MD

Stephen J. Kim, MD

Lauren Kinney, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Brett D. Kinzig, APRN

Anna T. Kirk, MSN, WHNP

Austin Kirschner, MD, PhD

Zachary Kohutek, MD, PhD

Heather C. Koons, MD

John Kramer, PA

Susan F. Kroop, MD

Rachel W. Kuchtey, MD

John E. Kuhn, MD

Krista R. Kuhnert-Gainer, APRN

Bryan R. Kurtz, MD

Emily Kurtz, MD

Eric S. Lambright, MD

Lisa Lancaster, MD

Ralph J. LaNeve, MD

Katherine Lang, CGC

Alexander J. Langerman, MD, SM

Janice Chung-See Law, MD

Jessie Lawrence, DO

Lance LeClere, MD

Ashlee Lecorps, APRN

Hannah Lee, APRN

Amy P. Leibfied, WHNP, APRN

William LeMaster, MD

Robert Lentz, MD

Michael Lester, MD

Melissa Levack, MD

Julia B. Lewis, MD

Lori Liggin, APRN

Christopher D. Lind, MD

Catherine R. Linn, MD

Giles Lippard, APRN

Melissa McGuire Logue, APRN

Brian Robert Long, MD

Tammy Loyd, PA

Erica Ludtke, APRN

Abigail Lupp, APRN

James R. MacDonald, MD

Deepa Magge, MD

Susanna Maher, MSN, WHNP

Kristen K. Maida, APRN

Fabien Maldonado, MD

Julie Malkowski, PA

Beth A. Malow, MD

Dana Leigh Manning, APRN

Kyle Mannion, MD

Marika Manolopoulou, MD

Megan G. Manor, MSN

Kevin M. Maquiling, MD

Carrie Conatser Marchman, MD

Tiffanie L. Marksbury, DNP, APRN

Ryan Martin, MD

William Martinez, MD

Jed Maslow, MD

Michelle Mason-Parker, APRN

Dora S. Mathe, OD

Leslee N. Matheny, MD

Jessica Littman Mather, MD

Michael E. May, MD, PhD

Dustin Mayfield, BS, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC

Rachel McCaffrey, MD

Natalie McCall, MD

Karen J. McCarty, APRN

Jacob McCoy, MD

Tonna L. McCutcheon, DNP, APRN-BC, CGRN

Katherine E. McDonell, MD

Mary R. McDowell, APRN

Catherine C. McGowan, MD

John A. McPherson, MD

Katie McPherson, MD

Beth P. Meador, APRN

Renata K. Meier, WHNP, MSN

Lisa A. Mendes, MD

Christopher P. Menzel, MD

Ingrid M. Meszoely, MD, MMHC

Jason Meyer, MD, PhD

Philip Milam, MD

Ellen Miller, APRN

Jami L. Miller, MD

Justin Miller, MD

Nicole L. Miller, MD

Robert F. Miller, MD

Kevin Maurice Mitchell Jr., MD

Sanjay R. Mohan, MD

Alex Mohler, MD

Kenneth J. Monahan, MD

Sally Harvey Monahan, MD

Jay Montgomery, MD

Stephen A. Montgomery, MD

Karin C. Moolman, MD

Paul L. Moots, MD

Alexandra Moran, APRN

David S. Morgan, MD

Audrey Morgan-Cline, APRN

Celia B. Morse, APRN

Colleen Tracy Morton, MD

Margaret A. Morrison, APRN

Sandra A. Moutsios, MD

Roberta L. Muldoon, MD

Daniel Munoz, MD

Stayci A. Munroe, MSN, APRN

Barbara A. Murphy, MD

Kevin J. Myers, MD

Allen J. Naftilan, MD

Adam Nagy, MD

Rishi Naik, MD, MDCI

James L. Netterville, MD

Melinda S. New, MD

Robert Nichols, MD

Kelly Norris, DMD

Vincent Paul Novak, MD

Maggie O’Block, APRN

Harley E. Odom, MD

Anne E. O’Duffy, MD

Jared O’Leary, MD

Matthew R. O’Malley, MD

Baldeep Pabla, MD

Eva Parker, MD

Scott R. Parker, MD

Dhyanesh Arvind Patel, MD

Priyesh Patel, MD

Shaan Patel, MD

Wendy Patton, MD

John P. Peach, MD

Dawn Pedrotty, MD

David F. Penson, MD

Galen Perdikis, MD

Roman E. Perri, MD

Anna K. Person, MD

Neeraja B. Peterson, MD

Amanda Phelps, PA

Fenna Phibbs, MD, MPH

Robert N. Piana, MD

Sierra Pickney, APRN

Holly R. Pierce, APRN

Nathan Elliott Podoll, MD

Nicole A. Poirier, MSN, FNP-BC

Gregory G. Polkowski II, MD

Lauren Porras, MD

Heather Potts, CNM, FNP

Lauren S. Prescott, MD

Anna E. Prestwich, MSN, ACNP

Rachel Kathryn Price-Apple, MD

Adam J. Prudoff, MD

Meredith E. Pugh, MD

Angela Qian, MD

Michael Radyko, APRN

Robert A. Ramirez, DO

Anvesh Cherukupalli Reddy, MD

Nishitha Reddy, MD

Kathryn V. Reese, APRN

Jacqueline Reid, CNM, DNP, APRN, FNP-C

Brent N. Rexer, MD

Shelby Reyes, PhD

Julie W. Rezk, DMD

Thomas R. Richardson, MD

Travis Richardson, MD

Otis B. Rickman, DO

Danielle Riddle, PA

Heather A. Ridinger, MD

Brian Rini, MD

Shelza Rivas, APRN

Joshua Lee Robinson, OD

Veronica Rockwell, PA

Sarah L. Rohde, MD, MMHC

Tony L. Ross, MD

Ben H. Rowan III, MD

Charles B. Rush, MD

Paul T. Russell, MD

Rone P. Russell, PA

Megha Salani, MD

Shakirat Salvador, MD

Kaung San, DO

Bethany D. Sanders, CNM

Neil S. Sanghani, MD

Bonnie Sarrell, MD

Tina M. Sasso, APRN

Michael R. Savona, MD

Andrew E. Scanga, MD

Heidi M. Schaefer, MD

Laurel A. Schaefer, DNP, APRN

Kerry Schaffer, MD

Hannah Scheitel, APRN

Cameron E. Schlegel, MD

Ashley Schmidt, APRN

Mali Schneiter, DO

Lisa A. Scholl, APRN

Matthew Schrag, MD, PhD

Daniel Schuster, MD

David A. Schwartz, MD

Aaron Scott, APRN

Leon Robert Scott, MD

KayAnn Scribner, APRN

Elisabeth Sebesta, MD

John Seibert, MD

Salyka M. Sengsayadeth, MD

Shannon S. Serie, MD

Carla M. Sevin, MD

Hayden Shafer, MD

Ashish Suresh Shah, MD

Suzanne Sharpton, MD, MAS

Saed Shawar, MBBS

Princess J. Shelton, MSN, FNP-BC

Sharon Shen, MD

Kristen B. Sherman, PA

Valerie Ann Shields, PA

Andrew A. Shinar, MD

Ashwin Shinde, MD

Alexandra Shingina, MD

Haden Sholl, MD

Catherine Shull, APRN

Katherine L. Sibler, APRN, MSN, WHNP-BC

Robert J. Sinard, MD

Carleigh Smith, NP

Emily Smith, PA

Joseph A. Smith, MD

Kennedy Smith, APRN

Marylou Smith, MSN

Deborah A. Snedegar, APRN

Kira A. Soldani, APRN

Matthew D. Spann, MD, MMHC

Christy C. Sparkman, APRN

Natalie M. Spradlin, MD

Emily Spring, PA

Milner Staub, MD

Eli Steigelfest, MD

Allison W. Stepuszek, NP

Paul Sternberg, MD

William Stevenson, MD

Samantha Stifler, PA

Catherine V. Stober, MD

Britt Stone, MD

Patrick Stone, MD

Monica Stout, MD

Nicholas Strasser, MD

Megan Straw, PA-C

Allison Sullivan, MSN, FNP-C

Jaron P. Sullivan, MD

Kathleen Sullivan, MD

William Sullivan, MD

John B. Summitt, MD

Craig R. Sussman, MD

Martha Sutherland, MSN-APRN-BC

Raeshell Sharawn Sweeting, MD

Nicole Swindle, APRN

Sahar K. Takkouche, MD

Marcus C.B. Tan, MBBS

  1. Bobo Tanner, MD

Kristine Tatosyan-Jones, MD

Kareem Tawfik, MD

Shayne S. Taylor, MD

Stephanie Taylor, MD

Christopher Terndrup, MD

Cecelia N. Theobald, MD

Nicholas Thomason, MSN, RN, APRN, AGACNP-BC

Reid C. Thompson, MD

Benjamin Forrest Tillman, MD

James J. Tolle, MD

Lisa M. Truett, APRN

Carmen Rodriguez Tuchman, MD

Hanah Tutor, APRN

Elizabeth Tyner, APRN

Shalyn Vanderbloemen, PA

Kimberly Nicole Vinson, MD

Julianne H. Wagnon, APRN

Allison Midden Walker, APRN

Kathryn Waller, APRN

Elizabeth G. Walsh, PhD

Katherine J. Walsh, MD

Charla Walston, APRN

Zhijian Wang, APRN

Larimore C. Warren, MD

Cynthia M. Wasden, APRN

Kenneth E. Watford, DNP, NP

Catherine Watson, MD

Paula Watson, MD

Douglas R. Weikert, MD

Angela Weingarten, MD

Jessica Wellette, APRN

Melissa F. Wellons, MD

Jule West, MD

Lee Wheless, MD, PHD

Bobby J. White, MD

Katie White, MD

Mark A. Wigger, MD

Ellen Williams, APRN

Jacob Wilson, MD

Elizabeth Winkler, APRN

Dana C. Wirth, APRN

Rachel Wolf, MD

Benjamin D. Womack, MD

Jeannie M. Wood, MSN-Ed, FNP-BC

Cynthia C. Woodall, MD

Shawn A. Wright, APRN

Sherry Wright, APRN

Elizabeth A. Yakes, MD

Aaron J. Yang, MD

Shiayin F. Yang, MD

Thomas Edgar Young, PMHNP-BC, DNP

Amanda Yunker, DO

Chongbin Zhu, LAC, PhD

John A. Zic, MD

Carl W. Zimmerman, MD

Brenda Zuniga, CGC

Jeffrey P. Zwerner, MD, PhD