October 26, 2023

Credit Union adds drive-up ATM on Vanderbilt Place

Last November, Vanderbilt Credit Union moved its main office from the first floor of the Oxford House to its new office at 2900 Vanderbilt Place –  west of the Football Stadium and north of VUMCLot 73.

It was clear in the 2023 Annual Credit Union Member Survey the relocation was less convenient for a large segment of the Credit Union’s VUMC members. As a result, there will be a new freestanding drive-up ATM near the northwest entrance of VUMC Parking lot 73, on Vanderbilt Place.

Like the Credit Union’s other ATMs, this ATM includes camera surveillance for added security.

Additionally, members have free access to the Credit Union’s ATMs in: MCN, MCE, Monroe Carell, the OHO food court, TVC across from the Café, Crystal Terrace, 3401 West End, School of Nursing, Baker Building, Peabody Commons, and VUMC Green Hills.

Additionally, Credit Union members can use any of over 1,000 ATMs free of charge at any Publix or Walgreen in Tennessee.