October 27, 2023

Employees flock to Cause for Applause recognition system to celebrate their co-workers

Cause for Applause, Vanderbilt Health’s new system for recognizing, celebrating, and appreciating employees all over the organization, recently marked its two-month anniversary. In that short time period, it has achieved remarkable success:

  • Nearly 6,300 employees have sent recognition to a colleague
  • More than 7,700 employees have received recognition from a co-worker
  • Employees have logged in more than 23,000 times to explore Cause for Applause

The engagement with Cause for Applause demonstrates how excited employees are for this type of recognition system. Responses to last year’s culture survey reflected this eagerness among employees.

Cause for Applause is incredibly easy to use—just log in, choose “Recognize” from the top-level navigation menu, and start celebrating colleagues. A few tips to make it even better:

  • Recognitions can be scheduled in advance
  • Other employees, including an employee’s manager or other leader, can be cc’ed on a recognition for real-time visibility
  • Multiple employees can receive the same recognition (e.g., as part of a team project)
  • Managers can run reports to see their team members who have been recognized
  • Employees can set their “Social Stream” preferences to make their work anniversary and birthday visible to others
  • Managers can use the Manager Hub in Workday to easily see upcoming work anniversaries for their team members
  • Managers can also use the new direct link to Cause for Applause (within their Workday manager landing page) to quickly send recognition to a team member

Whether it is someone who is exemplifying our Credo, delivering on our Patient and Family Promise, or simply performing great work all the time, employees are doing great things every day. Cause for Applause makes it easy and fun to shine a light on your colleagues.

Log into Cause for Applause today to start letting your colleagues know how much you appreciate them.