November 21, 2023

Non-clinical room scheduling made easier with Accruent Event Management Systems

VUMC has launched a new scheduling application for non-clinical spaces called Accruent Event Management Systems. Through this application, employees can request specific spaces, conference rooms, and other room types. Accruent Event Management Systems will enhance the ability to book in-person meetings, secure collaborative workspace, and enable the ability to perform on-site tasks.  The application can be conveniently accessed through a desktop or mobile device.

Accruent Event Management Systems rooms are managed by departments and employees can only reserve areas within their department. Once the space has been approved and created, employees can go to the website to begin reserving rooms.

Accruent EMS will:

  • Enhance the user’s ability to request and reserve specific rooms and hoteling space.
  • Increase flexibility and accessibility for off-site employees.
  • Optimize departmental space.

If you are currently managing department space and are interested in setting up hotel space within your department, submit a Pegasus ticket. A team member will review your request and reach out to discuss details required for this setup.

If you should have any additional questions, please contact the VUMC Accruent Event Management Systems support team at