November 28, 2023

Adult participants with and without autism needed for job interview simulation research

Adolescents and adults ages 16 years and older with and without autism spectrum disorder are sought to participate in research to learn about how individuals on the autism spectrum perform in job interview simulations and video interviews.

Participation includes two visits to Vanderbilt University for up to one hour during each visit. Participants will interact with an AI-based virtual interviewer in a job interview simulation and/or interact with a remote video interviewing platform called HireVue, where their responses to questions will be analyzed by AI to provide interview feedback. Data will be collected through eye-tracking technology and a wristband sensor for heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, etc. The study is desktop-based, and no virtual reality (VR) headsets will be used.

Participants will receive $25 for each visit.

This study is a collaboration of the Robotics and Autonomous Systems Laboratory (RASL) and the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center’s Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders (VKC TRIAD). Research is conducted by Nilanjan Sarkar, Ph.D., professor and Chair of Mechanical Engineering, and Deeksha Adiani, B.S., graduate student in Computer Science.

For more information, contact Deeksha Adiani at or (615) 648 9441.