November 28, 2023

Center for Knowledge Management provides instructional video series on systematic reviews

The Center for Knowledge Management recently developed a new open access instructional videos series on systematic reviews. Need to refresh your knowledge about a particular step in the systematic review process?  The series is available through the CKM Scholarly Publishing Information Hub (SPI-HubTM).  The training covers all aspects of systematic reviews, including:

  • planning to conduct a systematic review
  • distinguishing among review types (e.g., scoping, umbrella, realist)
  • steps in the systematic review process
  • software management tools (e.g., Rayyan, ASReview, Covidence)
  • registering a systematic review protocol (e.g., PROSPERO, OSFRegistries)
  • instruments for quality assessment (e.g., AMSTAR, ROBIS)

Find the self-paced educational modules and quizzes to check your understanding within SPI-HubTM.  For more information, please contact the Center for Knowledge Management.