December 1, 2023

Sullivan Family Biomedical Ideator program begins in January

Sullivan Family Biomedical Ideatorprogram starting this January 2024. In partnership with the Wond’ry, this Ideator program will run over ten weeks to help participants evaluate if an idea or project has commercial or tech-transfer opportunities.

This program teaches an evidence-based approach to idea evaluation. Is the idea needed? Who is the ideal audience? Where do you even start?  Ideator is here to help answer those questions. Centered around customer discovery, Lean Launch methodology, and market evaluation, Ideator will help you determine if your idea has potential or maybe needs a bit more time at the drawing board.

Things to know about the Ideator program:

·         This cohort will be specifically geared for faculty with biomedical projects.

·         The program will run over ten weeks (+1 week for spring break) starting Jan. 25 – April 4 (ending with a short pitch opportunity).

·         Participants will meet weekly on Thursdays from 2-3 p.m. (virtual is fine) for short lectures, knowledge sharing or office hours.

·         Participants will learn about value propositions, market analysis and customer discovery, among others.

·         Participants will be required to do 20 customer interviews during the program (i.e. 2 per week).

·         More info about Ideator program overview is here:

If you are interested in participating, please reach out to to schedule a time to discuss and review your project. We require a pre-review to participate and participation will be capped.