January 2, 2024

New login credentials for Kronos coming Feb. 3

Starting Feb. 3, users who access Kronos will be required to use new login credentials. Kronos users will need to sign-in using their VUMC email address instead of VUMC ID as their username.

The current sign on page looks like the screenshot below.

After the change is made, the user will now see the new sign in prompt featured below.

The change is related to the VUMC ExpeditionTech multi-year program to further create secure and modern technology environments at VUMC.

What to expect:

To prepare for migration activities, VUMC employees (and their leaders) will receive:

  1. Email communication to inform leaders and users when the change is coming.
  2. Resources to help navigate the change.
  3. Confirmation email when the change occurs.

The initiative will:

  • Improve flexibility through real-time collaboration.
  • Easier, more secure access to systems, applications, and documents.
  • Enhanced productivity through new, modernized tools.

If you should have any additional questions, please contact the VUMC IT Help Desk at 615-343-HELP (4357) or submit a Pegasus Request.