January 17, 2024

Two eStar updates: Home Care Services on Epic and new inpatient hospice referral note type

Two eStar changes have taken place this month.

1. Vanderbilt Home Care Services has gone live on Epic, using the Epic Dorothy module. This will provide better continuity of care for VUMC patients receiving Home Care Services. Current eStar users will now see additional Home Care information in the patient chart. There will be some impacts to In Basket and ordering workflow as well. This change occurred Jan. 6.

Click here to view Tipsheet for clinical impact.

2. A new Hospice Certification Referral inpatient note type is now in effect to streamline hospice referrals. This change went into effect Jan. 17 and affects VUH and all regional hospitals.


  • Inpatient providers can refer patient to hospice (IP, OP, or Hospice in Place) utilizing this note type and notifying Case Management
  • Case Management must send the signed note to a Hospice agency
  • Upon note signature, a Hospice FYI flag will automatically trigger
  • This note type should be not utilized on VCH patients

Remember: This serves as a referral note and does not indicate the patient is accepted into hospice; confirm with Hospice agency.