February 1, 2024

Credit Union opens branch in VUH; cashiers’ office relocates and announces new procedures

The cashier’s office in VUH’s main lobby has now become a branch office of the Vanderbilt Employees’ Credit Union.

Departments using the cashier’s office for cash and checks have several other options:

o VUH Admitting, room 1109

o Green Hills Office Building File Room 2023

o OHO Room 24210

o TVC Room 1801A

o Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt Hall 1200A

Click here for maps of deposit locations.

In addition, procedures for night drop deposits have changed.

VUMC Finance PCI and Point-of-Sale has changed night drop deposit procedures. You will now be required to fill out the Brinks deposit logbook. If your deposit is not recorded in the logbook, it will not be transported to the bank for deposit.

See picture below for an example of the logbook. Please complete the following fields:

o Date

o Consignee (depositor’s name)

o Said to Contain (total amount enclosed in bag)

o Bag #

Deposit supplies can still be ordered using the following link: Deposit Supply Request

Patient payments should be directed to other locations.

Vanderbilt Credit Union staff will not be able to process patient payments. In-person payments via cash or check will now be processed at any clinic location, including Admitting, located in VUH Room 1109. Patient payments can still be made electronically through the patient portal.