February 9, 2024

Lab transformation FAQs, part 3

Can we expect that turnaround times for lab tests will be affected with the lab’s move to MetroCenter?

 No, after the move is complete and normal operations resume, turnaround times should not be affected in clinically significant ways.

 Routine inpatient lab medicine and anatomic pathology tests: No anticipated impact on turnaround time

  • Routine outpatient lab medicine and anatomic pathology tests:Some routine outpatient tests may have a slight increase or decrease in turnaround time, but these changes will not be clinically significant
  • STAT anatomic pathology tests:We will have a dedicated courier for specimen pick-up and transport at pre-defined times for minimal impact on turnaround time. Frozen sections will have no impact on turnaround times
  • STAT lab medicine: No anticipated impact on turnaround times

Will couriers run to help maintain service for processing and resulting of lab tests?Yes, we will continue to have regular, established courier routes between our clinical locations and our lab facilities. We will monitor turnaround time closely and adjust them as needed. STAT couriers will also be available ad hoc, just as they are today.