February 9, 2024

Lab transformation topic spotlight: New Chemistry Platforms

The transformation of the diagnostic laboratories at Vanderbilt University Medical Center will mean a change in the chemistry testing platforms that are used to process specimens. The new chemistry platforms will mean:

  • Reduced sample volume requirements to run tests
  • Improved turnaround time through automation
  • Improved consistency and quality of results by measuring common interfering conditions, namely hemolysis, lipemia, and icterus.
  • Improved lab staff efficiency
  • Improved ability to bring testing in-house to Vanderbilt Medical Laboratories


While the first update to chemistry platforms will happen at MetroCenter, which will have a brand new, state-of-the-art Roche line, other lab locations will upgrade their testing platforms over the next few years. Further communications about that timeline and process will be forthcoming. The process for ordering lab tests will be the same.

Clinical team members should be aware of a few changes that will occur as a result of the new chemistry platform:

  • Different reference ranges will exist throughout the health system for the same test, depending on where the test is performed
    • Two different chemistry platforms will run the same tests until VUMC standardizes equipment
    • Slight differences in the reference range values may exist with these new platforms (see more information)
    • Patients who receive care at multiple Vanderbilt Health locations may see both sets of reference values in their MyChart records, depending on which laboratory location processed their tests (see more information)
  • New reference ranges will be in place for some tests
  • High levels of circulating biotin in patients can interfere with some tests
    • Roche assays use a biotin-streptavidin binding mechanism, with which biotin interferes (see impacted tests)
  • Tumor marker tests will require patient re-baselining due to new reference ranges (see impacted tests)
  • Tests being run on the new platform require updated labeling and tube fill practices (see labeling practices)

See more detail on chemistry platform changes on our project website.

Additional details regarding the project can be found on the project’s website at vumc.org/lab-transformation.