February 13, 2024

Outpatient CT order composer EPIC update to take effect Feb. 20

All EPIC users who order outpatient imaging will be affected by a Feb. 20 update to the outpatient CT order composer.


  • Removal of left-hand side warning box
  • Removal of Reason for Exam, checkboxes, and associated decision support exemption
  • Moving and renaming “Additional Information” to “Info for radiologist”
  • Moving and renaming “Add comments” to “Info for technologist”
  • Remove PO contrast timing questions
  • New contrast allergy workflow
  • Remove pregnancy and breastfeeding questions
  • Move and rename “Performing Department”
  • Default creatinine check to Acknowledged
  • Remove Contrast Acuity Tier Prioritization link
  • Remove referral boxes at bottom of composer

Required Action(s):

Update from the February 9 Clinician Champion Meeting. Personal preference list will not be automatically updated. Please manually update your personal preference list using the workflow below.

  • Go to Personalize, then Preference List Composer
  • Go to your CT Scans and remove the old orders. Then add the order back in with the new CT order.

The two main workflow changes will be:

  1. Using the info for radiologist entry for any relevant patient history
  2. The availability of a new allergy workflow (which allows ordering premedication from a pre-built panel instead of manual orders).

Please reference the TIPS sheet for a full breakdown of all the changes: 2024 Training Tip Sheet CT Outpatient Order Composer Updates.

Remember: System updates will go out Feb. 20. Please update your personal preference lists.

Questions?: Call to Help Desk at 343-HELP (4357). Email julie.a.bauml@vumc.org with non-emergent issues or comments.