February 16, 2024

Lab transformation FAQs, part 5

How often will specimens go from the 21st Avenue campus to MetroCenter?

We will have  couriers every half hour through the day and hourly through the night to take lab test specimens from the hospitals and clinics on the 21st Avenue campus to MetroCenter. These couriers will run 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. Courier schedules for other clinics will be the same as current schedules.  In general, samples take no more than 25 minutes to travel from the 21st Avenue campus to MetroCenter.

I am concerned there will be delays in my test results, for those labs moving to MetroCenter.

After the move is complete and normal operations resume, turn-around times will not be affected in clinically significant ways.

  •  Testing location was designed such that tests that require a <4 hour time to results for management of hospitalized patients will continue to be performed at the TVC4 laboratory, for patients hospitalized at the 21st Avenue hospitals
        • All routine tests (e.g., basic chemistry tests (e.g., metabolic panels), coagulation tests (e.g., PTT, PT/INR, D-Dimer), hematology tests (e.g., CBCs), and urinalysis) for hospitalized patients and patients in our operating rooms and emergency departments will continue to be performed at the TVC4 laboratory
  • Specialized testing (such as microbiology, genetic testing, or esoteric chemistry/coagulation tests) will be performed at MetroCenter
        • For these tests, a small increase in time to results is expected, but testing will remain within published turn-around times