February 20, 2024

Lab transformation FAQs, part 6

Where can I find a list of all the tests that Vanderbilt Medical Laboratories performs?

An updated test directory will be available when the new Vanderbilt Medical Laboratories website officially launches on Monday, Feb. 26. On that day, you can access the directory in one of two ways:

  • Via vanderbiltmedicallabs.com or
  • Via the Epic ordering screen for VUMC clinicians (see screenshot below)

    The test directory is a one-stop shop for information on laboratory tests, including specimen requirements, turnaround times, and interpretations.

    If Vanderbilt Medical Laboratories is launching a new website and test directory, what happens to the current Vanderbilt Pathology Laboratory Services (VPLS) website? 

     The VPLS website will come down simultaneously as the new one goes up, and all users will automatically be redirected to the new Vanderbilt Medical Laboratories website.

    Will I still have access to the same level of information on the previous VPLS site?

    Yes, all need-to-know information is still there, and new sections, such as news, events, etc., will be built over time.