February 23, 2024

Lab transformation FAQs, part 7

If I have questions about the interpretation of a lab test – who should I ask?

Medical consultation is available for laboratory testing (e.g., aid in selecting the most appropriate test) by on-call laboratory medicine faculty – refer to Synergy for on-call lab faculty.

How long will it take after the lab moves for tests to be available?

During the lab move, only STAT core lab testing will be performed. All other specimens will be stabilized and held for testing until the downtime is complete. Please review downtime information on the project website for more information: vumc.org/lab-transformation/downtime

  • Test priority (STAT vs. Routine) cannot be changed after the test is ordered and sent to the laboratory. 
    • If a test priority needs to be changed to STAT, a new test will have to be ordered, and a new specimen will be collected. 
    • No add-on tests will be available during downtime 
  • Downtime results 
    • Critical values will be called to the ED physician’s phone number and called to the unit for non-ED patients 
    • All results will be faxed to the unit AND scanned into Media tab 
    • Allow around 15-20 minutes for labs to appear in Media tab following the completion of testing

Non-STAT lab results will be available after the move is complete and recovery from the downtime period is finalized. All test results should be available by Saturday, March 2, at 9:00 AM

Selected tests (myeloid panel, pharmacogenomics tests) will be available on March 11.