March 29, 2024

eStar Training & Delivery rolls out Self-Paced Learning 

Self-Paced Learning (SPL) is being rolled out across the organization. The goal of Self-Paced Learning is to equip learners with a flexible and more modern approach to learning that supports different learning styles and can be completed independently at home.  Self-Paced Learning provides the opportunity for clinical staff to be trained more rapidly to meet the bedside need. Also, it delivers cost savings to the organization by meeting staffing needs more expediently. eStar Training & Delivery embarked upon the SPL Project in 2023 and looked at instructor-led courses that provided training with the largest impact on clinical learners.  

We have successfully implemented nine SPL classes that have replaced Virtual Instructor-Led Courses. We are currently in the process of working on ten more that we plan on completing by the end of June of 2024. As we begin to roll out SPL, we want to ensure that you are aware of the classes moving to SPL, what SPL is and understand the importance of SPL within the organization.

Self-Paced Learning will maintain current standards of our subject matter expert-vetted and approved curriculum. The eLearning includes demonstration for learners to promote contextual learning > followed by steps that allow for learner participation > followed by learners performing steps on their own to help solidify key concepts learned. End User Proficiency Assessments will continue to be required for each learner to demonstrate role-based mastery of skills and concepts before eStar access is provided. Learners will have the option of going back and reviewing training as needed.   

Self-Paced Learning provides flexibility for learners to take training remotely and have more control over their schedules. eLearning modules can reduce training time which provides cost savings to the organization and a shorter transition time which impacts care at a time of critical staffing shortages. We are looking forward to providing an enhanced learning journey for all users.      

Over the next few months, we will be working to complete the courses listed in the timeline below and make them available to learners. We will also have a support team available to learners who are taking SPL that need assistance. The registration and security steps for access to eStar will not change through this process. Please reach out to:  with any questions you may have.  

As always, our website will provide additional information about SPL, SPL classes offered, and resources that will help learners be successful.  

Thank you for your continued partnership and engagement. We look forward to moving forward with converting additional courses to SPL soon and will be sure to share those classes as they become available.